Aztec is a privacy focused L2 network that brings scalable privacy to Ethereum. Our latest product, Aztec Connect, gives developers the tools to offer private trading, lending, borrowing, and earning. Our zero-knowledge rollup and bridge contracts batch transactions together, interact with existing smart contracts on mainnet, and split the gas cost across users in the rollup — resulting in up to 100x gas savings and ironclad privacy.

Our community has been critical to launching, growing, and securing the network - and our community will be essential in building the Aztec ecosystem. Since sharing the Aztec Connect Starter a few weeks ago, the community has already started building bridge contracts for protocols including Lido, Curve, and Compound.

We are launching a grant program to provide contributors with the resources and support needed to go live on mainnet. In this first phase of the grant program, we will support the development of integrations with Aztec Connect - including bridge contracts, tooling, and analytics.

Current focus

Requested bridges

Our rollups interact directly with smart contracts on mainnet through a bridge contract that models an asynchronous token swap.

Requested bridges support top use cases and will be integrated on

Proposed bridges

Proposed bridges may execute on a single dapp or multiple DeFi transactions across dapps. Bridge contracts enable "recipes," which complete multiple steps atomically. Proposed bridges will be considered for integration.

Tooling and analytics

We are looking to make it simple and delightful to build and interact with Aztec. This includes building developer tooling and dashboards (i.e. detailed metrics about usage on Dune Analytics) to improve the experience.

Grants process

Step 1: Review the requested bridges page

Aztec identified the critical bridge contracts needed for select dapps. You are also invited to propose a bridge contract that will grow the Aztec ecosystem.

Step 2: Submit your grant application

Our grant application seeks to learn about you and what you're looking to build. You can select a requested bridge contract you'll develop, or submit a proposal.

Step 3: Meet the Aztec team

Within one week of submission, the Aztec team will contact applicants for a screening call to discuss the project plan (timeline, milestones, outcomes) and support needed.

Step 4: Notification and next steps

All applicants will be notified whether their application has been accepted or denied. For proposals, we'll indicate whether the bridge contract would be integrated into

Step 5: Ongoing communication We will establish regular check-ins and expected timeline to launch. Grantees will receive dedicated technical support to get from spec to production.

Step 6: Launch Your Project 🎉

When you're ready to ship, we’ll support your launch onto and share your work with the community. We will also offer priority access to our preferred auditor.

Program support and benefits

Office hours: The core team will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that arise as you are building.

Budget: Requested bridge contracts have a $2,000 bounty, which will be paid out to grantees who successfully deploy. Applicants may also indicate the budget required in the application - this may include compensation for the time spent on building the contract or reimbursement for expenses to deploy a bridge contract.

Exposure: Deployed bridge contracts will be featured on a leaderboard, which will showcase the number of live bridge contracts and their usage. Grant recipients will also be invited to present on Aztec community calls and receive assistance from our team to promote the integration to other relevant communities.

Audits: We are partnering with an auditor to review community written bridge contracts. Aztec will pre-fund these audit costs and the community will be involved in prioritizing which bridge contracts will be audited.

📌 Apply here

Apply using the form below (click here to view on Airtable).


Aztec Connect documentation

Sample bridge contract